#OscarsforVenezuela: Will Hollywood speak up for protesters?

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http://twitter.com/#!/palaciojesus/status/440139833353052161 In Venezuela today, the repressive Maduro regime will air America’s Oscars awards ceremony while continuing to censor news of the government’s violence against protesters. Venezuelan activists and their supporters want to know if Hollywood celebrities will speak up for them. http://twitter.com/#!/DafneOrsini/status/440140065776619521 http://twitter.com/#!/EduPasquez/status/439976916292874240 http://twitter.com/#!/ElviraRodriguez/status/440092666332590080 Ellen? Eva? Leonardo? Brad and Angie? Anyone? http://twitter.com/#!/eliasnmrk/status/440132512065409024 Previous Twitchy coverage […]


As Venezuela’s president dances (literally), protesters are being set on fire in the streets


PresidentNicols Maduro of Venezuela, everyone: Venezuela president dancing while soldiers shoot tear gas and clash with protesters. Perfect encapsulation of surreal state TV pic.twitter.com/jIqxbUXR7T — Hannah Dreier (@hannahdreier) May 3, 2017 Well maybe he can try out for “Dancing With The Stars” to reboot his career after his eventual ouster (if he survives)? Scenes from […]


Debbie Wasserman Schultz shows her #SOSVenezuela solidarity with a selfie [pic]

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http://twitter.com/#!/SundevilSal/status/436524466311426048 President Obama “strongly condemns” the “unacceptable violence” in Ukraine, but he hasn’t really said much about what’s happening in Venezuela. Unlike Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who’s actually doing something about it. Just look: http://twitter.com/#!/DWStweets/status/436523922390261760 OK, well, at least she seems to be aware of the deadly violence in Venezuela. Maybe she could pass the […]