5,000+ People Attended This Wedding…But Wait ‘Til You See Who Got Married

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You’ve probably heard that Indian weddings are festive affairs where hundreds of people attend. The bride and groom (and their families) invite just about everyone they know to help them celebrate the happy union. But this Indian wedding takes that enthusiasm — and guest list number — to a whole new extreme. Over 5,000 people […]


This Dad Has The Best Reason For Not Walking His Daughter Down The Aisle.

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Some women prefer not to have their fathers walk them down the aisle on their wedding day, but this little girl won’t even have the chance to ask. At just four years old, her father is already refusing to fulfill that role on her big day. Seem shocking? This guy isn’t just being an overprotective father […]


No One Will Ever Forget This Wedding. Or What Happened To The Groom 10 Hours Later.

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You’re gonna want to grab a tissue before clicking play on this one. Actually, you should probably go ahead and grab the whole box. Rowden Go was a normal 29 year old excited to marry the woman of his dreams. And then he was diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer. The prognosis for the aggressive cancer wasn’t optimistic…but before […]