Winter-Weary New York Town Gives Up, Tells Tourists To Go To Florida Instead

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“Really, it’s for the birds here now.” 1. An upstate New York city has a message for people thinking about coming to visit: head to Florida instead. View this image › 2. Saying it surrenders to winter, the visitor’s bureau of Ithaca is telling tourists on its website to not even bother planning a […]


25 Pets Who Forget All About Their Rivalries And Snuggle Up To Stay Warm In Winter

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Having more than one pet in your house is a wonderful way to give your animals extra love and companionship. Unless, of course, they don’t hit it off. Then it’s a lifetime of playing referee between their dueling distaste for each other. But there’s always one time of year when differences can be set aside […]


13 Unexpected Moisturizing Tips To Get You Through Winter

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Condition your leg hair and put on some lotion jeans. ‘Cuz it’s been a long, hard winter. 1. Treat your dry skin like pound cake. View this image › Via Crisco is occlusive, which means it covers your skin and locks the moisture in like a seal. In the words of a Crisco user, […]