18 Ways In Which Cold Weather Can Affect Your Body And Mind

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People either love winter, or they hate it with a passion. There is typically no happy medium between those two feelings. But perhaps those who hate winter are onto something. Scientific and psychological studies have found that winter weather can have drastic effects on your body and mind. Here are just a few of the […]


This Little Known Place Way Up North Is Perfection. And I Had No Idea It Even Existed Til Now.

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Lapland, Finland, has got to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Plus, if Santa is real, then he definitely lives in this magical place. Even if you hate wintry wonderlands (and who does, really?) you still might want to put visiting there on your bucket list. Lapland is the largest and northernmost […]


It’s (Finally!) Soup Season, So Warm Up To These 23 Easy Recipes

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25 Pets Who Forget All About Their Rivalries And Snuggle Up To Stay Warm In Winter

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Having more than one pet in your house is a wonderful way to give your animals extra love and companionship. Unless, of course, they don’t hit it off. Then it’s a lifetime of playing referee between their dueling distaste for each other. But there’s always one time of year when differences can be set aside […]