Would You Still Drink Out Of The Tap If You Found THIS In Your Glass?

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They say it was Montezuma who cursed the water in Mexico after his Aztec empire was overthrown by the Spanish, causing digestive turmoil to tourists stupid enough to drink it. But based on this video, one wonders if he cursed the waters of Argentina too…just for good measure. A YouTuber named Diego Oritz from Mendoza, […]


In The Water, It’s A Fireworm, But On Land? It’s Pure Nope!

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I don’t think it’s controversial to say that ocean-dwelling creatures are pretty much the worst. Sure, on land we have spiders and rabid animals, but those things that inhabit the deep sea are so creepy, especially when you consider just how little we know about them. One critter that we do know a bit about […]


What WRIGGLES Its Way Out Of This Kid’s Ear Is Absolutely Horrifying

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We don’t usually think about our ears unless something’s wrong with them. Keeping our ears heathy is incredibly important, especially because germs can lurk there. But there’s also the unthinkable chance that more than just bacteria is lurking in your ear canal if you’re experiencing pain. These earworms and parasites are probably a lot more […]